Monday (and actually every day) Cocktail hours 15-19

It is that breather after working hours but before dinner to relax and to whet one’s appetite for the meal to come. Always at attractive prices.

Tuesday Rhubarb, Rabarber, Rhubarbe, Rabarbaro. Our signature drink is a ”once in a lifetime” experience that takes you to the Long Bar at Raffles in Singapore. Instagrammoment! #rhubarbmetropollife

Midweek (Wednesday) Oysters and champagne! Enjoy a glass of Bollinger and three oysters for 199 SEK.

Champagne Thursday. A classy and classic evening at Radisson Blu. We choose five different Champagnes from our wineceller and serve them with appetisers and a story. 125 SEK per glass no matter what vintage/winemaker.

Way out west Friday. Swedish Crab. ½ or 1. It your choice. Served with bread and our secret receipe sauce 105/205 SEK.A

Saturday is seafood day! A box full of seafood (shrimps, ½ crabm two oysters and blue mussels) served with bread and our secret receipe sauce. 259 SEK.

Slow Sunday. Table Side Dry Martini. Let us entertain you tableside style with the iconic drink. Served with an almost true story.